Friday, September 14, 2012

Thicker, Fuller, Longer...Lashes that is.

Operation ThickerFullerLongerLashes:                    I love long lush lashes!! Who doesn't right?  Unfortunately unlike my sister in law (who I adore) I wasn't born with them. The only i can achieve that look is by wearing false lashes, which I am not opposed to. I decided I would try Latisse and commit to the application instructions. I figured "Hey it worked for Brooke Shields and Claire Danes, why not me"  So this is it! I have applied the first dose and will be tracking my progress and results every week for the duration of this treatment. Here is a before pic. My true lashes, make-up free. We'll see if this works.  Wish me well. 

 ( Never mind my skin imperfections, lol)  I just wanted to be as truthful and real as I could.  Obviously, I'm wearing false lashes in the top pic.   As you can see I have very short, sparse lashes.

* I read and understood the side effects of this drug, and am under a doctors supervision. I am not endorsing this product, nor did I pay for it. It is a professional sample. 

(FYI: False lashes are "Foxy" from LashBrat They have many styles. Click on the link to get yours.  Lash Brat )


  1. yay!!! I'm so excited-I love Latisse. I tried it 2 years ago before going to Costa Rica and remember barely having to use mascara!! they were so long-can't wait to see your results. Yep-Patty has the longest lashes ever;)

  2. I feel your pain. I've always had thin lashes and had to gob on mascara, and false lashes always felt awkward. I tried something called Neulash recently and love the results. You can read up on it at I have thicker, fuller lashes and don't need to rely on false eyelashes or use as much mascara.