Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Recent Swaps

Its been an exciting month for my mailbox. The anticipation of what was to come was killing us both. I did an international swap with Rachel in the UK who has one of my favorite blogs  Sweetpea London. (Click the link, check it out and follow her if you haven't already)  After emailing, and  tweeting back and forth we decided we were going to do a beauty/misc/candy swap. I know there are certain items like Bath and Body Works and Victorias Secret and certain sweets  which may be a bit more expensive or nor easily available in the UK. And I wanted to get some beauty products, not available in the USA. Plus who doesn't love all things UK/London themed, right. Of course with overseas packages coming into the US so close to 9/11 my packages took a little longer to arrive and that is understandable. I was so happy to come home to such lovely packages, filled with some really fun, yummy, and adorable items. Take a look.

I have to say i absolutely loved every single item in this swap, but i did have have some select favorites. 
 A flag with the royal couple. This is going right up on my wall in my makeup room. Which gives me an idea. I'd love to do more swaps and see how many different flags I can collect.  Next is this tote, this bag will be seeing plenty of shopping. I have a feeling I will fill it up soon. Its the perfect size to carry around and no one else will have one like it. This 17 Bronzer,eyeshadow, lipgloss trio I cant get enough of. I have seen so many 17 products on other blogs and have been dying to try them. The color is just beautiful. I haven't tried it yet. But I probably will this weekend.  I saw another blogger friend of mine get this 17 mascara and I texted her "I hope I get one too" I love all things animal print and I had to have this. So I am a very happy girl now. 

I also loved this Umberto Gianni Hairspray and Moisture Balm.  I am a big fan of lovely smelling hair, and pride myself in having bouncy hair that I can smell when I walk. This stuff smells really GOOD.  The Telephone booth with tea bags is so darn cute, and it doubles as a coin bank, which is coming in real handy this month during my no-buy freeze. I'll be banking some money in here then treating myself to a shopping spree. These earrings are absolutely adorable. I am definitely wearing the heck outta these. How cute are they?? My new favorites. There was so much more in the box, lotions, mascaras, lip balm, nail polishes, candy, eyeshadow, keychains,postcards and chocolate. Lots of chocolate, 
I had a great experience with this swap and I am looking forward to doing another swap soon as well as my next one with her. I've made a new friend in her. <3 

I also did a swap with another blogger stateside Samantha who just started her blog and has Beauty is My Thing. Shes a super sweet and drop dead gorgeous girl. We have been following each other on Instagram and emailing back and forth. Her makeup and nail polish collection is TDF. We swapped beauty boxes and she sent me so many lip glosses and some bronzers, nail polishes, eyeliner, eyeshadows and these reaally cute lip and eye pallets. I, of course ripped everything out of its package like a kid at chritmas and began swatching and trying every product out. 

. I really fell in love with a lipstick by Elf  in a pale pinkish nude color.  L'Oreal nail polish in Penthouse Pink is gorgeous, Essie Nail polish in Marshmallow ( which is one of my faves) and MAC eyeshadows mascara and lip glosses. Im already digging into all these goodies. Its a good thing I have all this to choose from since Im not buying anything this month. 


  1. Wow, that's probably the biggest swap I've ever seen! So many lovely goodies <3

  2. I love swaps. They are so much fun. Did you see what I sent her. check out her blog for a peep of my box to her. I like to spoil my blogger friends :)

  3. Omg! Love it all friend!! everything looks sooo good!! Can't wait to hear about your faves! Love the UK flags:) good idea about getting flags from all around! And happy that we both got the leopard print 17 mascara! Yay! xx