Sunday, September 9, 2012

Latest Haul

I recently did some shopping for a friend and I picked a few things up for my self as well. I made a few trips where I could get some good deals. I went to Beauty Brands.(Great place to get some good hair products, nail polishes, and they even have a salon, Ulta- I don't need to tell you its awesome,  Bath & Body Works, and of course I do my usual run to Walgreens. 

Beauty Brands: I got an email with their current promotional sales, and went to get some goodies for my friend. They have a huge selection of nail polishes and  nail accessories. I grabbed some stuff for my friend and used a coupon they emailed me for this Redken dry shampoo/ hairspray duo. Im not much of a dry shampoo user, but Im sure the occasion will come for me to use it. Or I can give it away. I did use the Redken Quick Tease Finishing hairspray last night. The mist is very light and and it kept my hair curly and bouncy. It smells pretty good too, as most Redken products do. 

Ulta: This is where I did some real damage. 

Hair: If its one thing I love its beautiful, soft, shiny hair. I bought myself and my friend both a mini Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo. It Smells so good and makes my hair very soft and bouncy. I also had to get a new Fekkai Hair Glossing Cream since i inadvertently used the last one on my face (long story). But I love that stuff, when I want a polished look but dont want to use hairspray. Yes, Im that girl that still plays with her hair and likes to twirl my fingers in my curls. 

Make-up: I love NYX, and its just my luck that everytime I go to buy a new Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk it always sold out. GRRR!! But it was my lucky day and there was one left, yay. This pencils are so versatile, I use it to under another color, on my waterline to make my eyes look brighter, and to highlight under my eyebrows, etc.. I recently made the horrible mistake of leaving my favorite lipstick in the pockets of my work clothes and later found it in the dryer. Luckily it didn't open up, or I would have been in serious trouble. But I made it up to myself by buying a new beautiful NYX Lipstick in Shiva. I am crazy about Sephora Love Test, but this one is just as lovely and about $10 cheaper. 

Bronzer: I saw this Lorac Tantilizer Baked Bronzer in a Allure magazine, and I've been dying to try it. I love bronzer, and i love that this is so shimmery and gorgeous. I swatched it, and I used it last night. I thought it looked really cute. (Shhh I got my friend one of these too). Shes drop dead gorgeous, so Im pretty sure she'll appreciate it. 

Bath & Body Works: Coconut Lime Breeze Triple Moisture Body Cream. It smells delicious!! Its thicker than the body lotion and the scent stays on longer. I started using Trader Joe's Organic Coconut Oil recently in place of body lotion. I seriously put it in my hair, on my body, even on my face after I shower.  I dont have oily skin, so it really helps lock in the moisture. (Thanks to my good friend Yessie @Cinnamonandzoeykisses), and this cream just picked up on the light natural coconut scent and is super yummy.  Also bought a new C.O. Bigelow Spearmint Supreme Gloss. Its super shiny and the spearmint not only keep your mouth feeling cool but also kinda freshens your breath. Always a plus. 

 Walgreens: I have a Walgreens rewards card, and they have recently been paying more attention to their beauty section, and become more attentive to customers when shopping that section. They always have some promotion with samples, and coupons. Plus, I always get those Walgreens buck to spend, So I like to stop by every now and then and grab a new nail polish, lip balm, or what ever I may need. Well I needed alot of stuff. Ive become somewhat obsessed with EOS lip balms, they're cute and keep my lips soft what else can I say, and with Maybelline's Baby Lips Lip Balms. They are so smooth, taste yummy and do a really good job hydrating. Peach Kiss was my latest acquisition. I saw this L'oreal Double Extend Eye Illuminator Mascara, Its double eneded one end has a regular Black mascara and the second end has an illuminating mascara to apply on top. The tip is the round ball type brush. I used it last night along with the Mod Lash False Eyelashes #21 in Black. I bought this Maybelline BB Cream to see how it compared to L'oreal's Magic Skin Beautifier. well I gotta say I like them both. This one does provide better coverage, and it makes my skin feel hydrated without making it oily. But even better is I combine them together and my face feels great. I love the two together. 

And finally Secret Clinical Strength Deoderant in Powder Protection Scent. Its summer and I live in AZ 'nuff said! 


  1. Great Hail! Love baby lIps and I now need NYX Shiva in my life-soooo pretty!!!

  2. yessie I love it. Im glad I found it because I was beginning to get depressed over messing up my Sephora one.