Sunday, July 8, 2012

My new bff.....Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer

I absolutely love this concealer. I cant even think about leaving the house without it. I never was a big concealer person, I thought the less stuff I put on my face, the better. Right? Well then I turned 30, and that turned into 36. And as much as I would like to stay in denial and say I don't need it, truth is I do. There are minor imperfections, redness, discoloration, and some new "beauty marks"( that I have no idea where they came from) that I feel no one needs to see. So I bought this Kat Von D Tattoo Conealer at Sephora for about 24 bucks (I think), and I L-O-V-E it!!! The formula is lightweight, and maybe a little runnier than you're used to. But the coverage is amazing! A little goes a very long way. I use a small drop on my finger and that is enough to cover dark circles (both eyes)  and any spots on my face. I would try to use it to actually cover a tattoo, because thats not gonna happen. I tried it. you will go broke and run out of concealer trying. But if you have areas that you'd like to hide and don't want to have that cakey look from applying a ton of product. I would def suggest trying this. 


  1. This probably is amazing! Too bad I can't get it in Europe tho...

    p.s: re your comment on my olympic nails post,i just did them on my left hand haha (but shhhhhh :p )

  2. @ Joanna Im currently in the middle of a swap with a fellow blogger in the UK. But if you'd like maybe we can arrange something a swap if your interested and I can get it to you. You have to try it.

    1. absolutely! would love that!
      you can drop me a line at and we can work it out. I have a feeling this thing could be a life saver!