Sunday, July 8, 2012

I love NARS, but.......

Its not secret that I love NARS cosmetics.  I keep them like little treasures in their little boxes safe from dust and the elements. Truth is the containers get very dirty very easy, so I just try to keep them clean.  I will buy everything I have to have, and I've always been very satisfied. -Oh let me tell you I lost my Roman Holiday Velvet Matte Pencil over thanksgiving while riding in a carriage around the French Quarter in Louisiana. I cried silently and didn't say anything because Ben (my bf) would have flipped out. Since I also lost my Blackberry that same day. Found the phone though.- Anyhow. Last winter I got my Sephora winter catalog and saw NARS Eyeshadow Trio in Arabian Nights, and it looked beuatiful. I had to have it, of course. I ordered it online along with a single shadow in Night Sun. And I hate to say, but I didn't really like either one alone, Arabian Nights and Night Sun are both way to glittery. Even with an Eyeshadow base and primer, the color wasn't as vibrant or last very long and the glitter just rolled off onto my face. I looked like I was on my way to a rave. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, lol. Just not the look I was looking for that day.  However, being the resourceful one that I am. They are both very cute if u use them over a more pigmented eyeshadow. I pair up Arabian Nights with some Urban Decay, and the Night Sun along with KVD shadows. and ta-da!!  Problem Solved.  


  1. Why to NARS products get so dirty ! I only have one NARS products - so j should stop my bitching, lol! I would have stayed quiet but been dying on the inside in front of my bf too- they don't understand! Great post xx

  2. Great post I love Nars products as well and LOVE them all specially all my blushes =)
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, now following you.