Monday, July 30, 2012

My new loot!!!l

So these past weeks were a great for makeup. I got some pretty good deals. Both online and in store. My friend and I ordered some bh cosmetics stuff from , including eye shadow pallets, lip pencils, lipgloss and eyeliner. I got the 88 color matte palette and I love it. The colors are vibrant and they last all day. The lip pencils go on kinda dry and drag a little, but the color stays an doesn't smudge or bleed. I read some reviews that said the lip glosses taste like bad. There not "yummy" tasting, but they're not what I'm having for lunch either so...its ok.  I also scored a NYX Haute Jersey pallet for super cheap off ... Like under 10 bucks cheap. Brand new!! I've only used one of the eye shadows on this pallet (a shimmery gray). I wish the had the names of shades on the pallet :(  I also scored some cool stuff from Avon, I got two tinted lip balms in Nude and Coral (not too crazy about them, they kinds melt onto your lips) , a Cream Nail Polish in Coral Beat  a lipstick in Sunset (a nice bright orange), a lip and cheek stain in Berry  and a Blender Sponge- which works like magic! It blends makeup beautifully. I also went to a store here in Tucson " Beauty Brands" great place to buy stuff on sale. They had a sale on liter bottles of shampoo. I scored Bed Head shampoo and conditioner for under 10 bucks YAY!!! I also got a Tarte mini gift set that included  Mascara, Cream Liner, Cheek Stain and a lip stain pencil. on SALE!!
Bottom Line:
 ✶Bh Cosmetics- ✰✰✰✰✰ Great Colors! Awesome Pigment! Great Staying Power
Very Affordable and they always have some kind of promotion going on.

✶NYX Haute Jersey Pallette- ✰✰✰✰✰ LOVE it!! Perfect Colors for  Smokey Eye!! The bronzers are really good too.

 ✶Avon: Really good stuff for the most part. I use alot of their products, and Im also a representative so I get it cheap. Ok thats the only reason Im a rep. To get cheap stuff. lol.

✶Beauty Brands- ✰✰✰ I'll definitely go back when they have a sale. Their makeup selection isnt too big, They carry Tarte, Too Faced, and Stila only, but they are up the street fom my work so I can stop by on my lunch.


  1. Oohh!!!! I wish I was there to swatch and look at it all! Haven't tried much of Tarte, but they do have amazing gift/mini sets! The bh palettes looks beautiful!!!