Friday, June 8, 2012

Wen Hair....

I love shiny healthy hair, and have tried everything under the sun, from Olive Oil  to avocado, even rinsing with Beer. All I needed were some chips and it would be happy hour. Recently my sister-in-law Patti introduced me to her secret to shiny, soft, hydrated, smooth hair. Wen by Chaz Dean. I have to say the very first time I used it I was hooked. My hair has seen better days, I either straighten, curl, or tease every single day. I had a lot of breakage and frizziness, and my hair was beginning to look dull. But, I used it accordingly and all I had to do was blow dry down with a diffuser and my hair was amazingly soft and straight. I was in love. I will tell you that if you order thru their website they automatically enroll you in home delivery, which sounds like a good idea, except you will get shipments of a 90 day supply which will run about about $110. Don't get me wrong, its totally worth it!! Having great hair is the best feeling. But if your like me shelling out $110 at once for shampoo is a bit much. I have habits to maintain. So I recommend or Same product -you buy it when you want it and as much as you want without the commitment. 


  1. Wow! I've seen commercials for this and did some research (googling like SofB;) and heard that its amazing! Will have to check it out on amazon:)

  2. Its available at Sephora now too for like $33. you may be able to find a cheaper deal on amazon or ebay.