Saturday, August 18, 2012

Speaking of Beauty

Check out my new beautiful baby girl. My boyfriend and I have been making it work for almost 2 years with only one vehicle and along with adding the mileage to it, we felt like we definitely needed to get a second car. So we did our homework, and shopped around, and compared prices and stats..blah,blah. The long and short of it is, I GOT A BRAND NEW SHINY RED CAR! Thats all that matters right? It make life so much easier. And i have to give the guy extra credit though. I love to shop. That is not news to anyone, but he would take me to the mall any time I wanted and drive me here and there with no complaints. Even though every time he asks how long I'll be in a store i say " 10 minutes tops" and really that means "like 45 min to an hour considering I find what I want and you don't have to take me to 3 other places". I love the guy with all my heart. He is an amazing boyfriend. He supports my addictions to fashion, make-up, Hello Kitty. Im a LUCKY girl. He is a true champ. I love you Ben. We are both huge Manchester United Fans, hence the color. And we are ordering a personalized plate, and Man Utd decal for the back. Just in case my other bf Wayne Rooney is ever in town. He can hitch a ride with me.

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  1. She's gorgeous!! Ben sounds like a good guy. I'm happy for you. I love a guy that will wait and drive you to 3 different CVS to find one product (I was looking for the new LE maybelline color tattoos!;)