Monday, January 7, 2013

❤❤ My Obsession with Pink ❤❤ Pt 1

 This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, that I'm obsessed with PINK. I love the color in every shade.  I love anything in pink, it makes me happy, and makes me feel pretty. My drug of choice is pink lipstick.  Maybe because I have darker skin, I feel I can pull off the darker brighter pinks. I think i have maybe 20 or more pink lipsticks. These are some of my current favorites.

 I am in love with MAC Girl About Town, its beautiful, and looks gorgeous. I get a ton of compliments when I wear it.   And if you haven't tried Pink Pigeon, you need it in your life!! Oh, I know I am not the only one who jumped for joy when MAC made CYY part of their permanent line. YAY!!!  FYI: If you missed out on Pink Pigeon, you can get a close dupe Milani Rose Hip (see below) at Walgreens or CVS.

Even though I can be a bit of a brand snob at times, I love a good bargain and I love finding great, beautiful colors at drugstores. These are some lovely lippies that are super affordable.  I love shopping at Walgreens or CVS becuause they have rewards programs that can save you money. I used my rewards and got the Revlon lipstick for $1.50. Can't go wrong with that.  

My lighting is a little off but I tried. These colors are gorgeous and have good staying power. I am crazy about the Covergirl Lipsticks. I love the texture, and I have used them and gone out, ate dinner and drinks and the color was still there. didn't need to reapply. Milani has a bit of a waxy smell but the color and texture is nice and would def re-buy this product. There colors are pretty intense and nicely pigmented. So I can deal with the scent. NYX is one of my faves. really nice color, pigment, and they go on and stay on really nice. and Revlon is kind of like a staple. I have always had at least one or two revlon lipsticks. They are classic and true to color.  


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